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CMMI Level 3 4 5 certification in Rajasthan

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It is commonly seen that organizations are getting certified with CMMI level 3 certification and then moves towards CMMI level 5 certification. It is recommended that organization shall obtain CMMI level 3 certification first and then move towards high maturity practices like CMMI level 4 & CMMI level 5.

CMMI levels are nothing but indicators of process maturity level of the organization.

As CMMI Maturity levels are increasing, Risk of process defects & customer complaints are decreasing and cost is getting optimized. As CMMI maturity level increases, organizations capability to predict the process performance based on available data increases. Organization’s capability to forecast the operations becomes data driven and more objective.

CMMI levels are described as ;

CMMI level 2 – Processes are at initial level. They are mostly project focused. 

CMMI Level 3 – Processes are defined. They are extended to organisational level from project level.

CMMI level 4 – Processes are measured based on factual data. This measurement helps in Quantification of performance of process.

CMMI level 5 – Based on measurement of processes at level 4, this level specifies requirement for bringing process performance at their optimum level. 

CMMI  (Version 2.0) model shows pathway of process improvement through 4 categories

  1. Doing
  2. Managing 
  3. Enabling 
  4. each Improving 

Every Category has a capability areas in them. 

  1. Category Doing Contains Capability areas like 
  2. Delivering & Managing Services
  3. Engineering & Development of products
  4. Ensuring Quality
  5. Selecting & Managing Suppliers
  6. Category Managing Contains Capability areas like 
  7. Managing Business Resilience
  8. Managing the Work Force
  9. Planning & Managing Work
  10. Category Enabling Contains Capability area
  11. Supporting Implementation
  12. Category Improving Contains Capability areas like 
  13. Improving Performance
  14. Sustaining Habit & Persistence 

Each capability area has specific set of practice areas in it. 

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CMMI Version 2.0 Model involves 25 Practice areas. Applicability of Practice areas depends on Product Development / Service providing nature of organization. 

CMMI Version 2.0 Model specifies following practice areas at CMMI level 3 4 5 – 

  1. Causal Analysis & Resolution
  2. Configuration Management
  3. Continuity
  4. Decision Analysis and Resolution 
  5. Enabling Virtual Solutions and Delivery
  6. Estimating
  7. Governance
  8. Implementation Infrastructure
  9. Incident Resolution and Prevention
  10. Managing Performance and Measurement
  11. Monitor and Control
  12. Organisational Trainings 
  13. Peer Reviews
  14. Planning
  15. Process Asset Development
  16. Process Management
  17. Process Quality ASsurance
  18. Product Integration
  19. Requirements Development and Management
  20. Risk and Opportunity Management
  21. Service Delivery Management
  22. Strategic Service Management
  23. Supplier Agreement Management
  24. Technical Solution
  25. Verification and Validation

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