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ISO 50001 Certification

Established in year 2004, Blue Sky Management Services is a leading ISO 50001 energy management system certification consultants in Gujarat and in India.

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ISO 5001 Key Definitions

Electricity, fuels, steam, heat, compressed air, and other like media

Energy baseline
Quantitative reference providing a basis for comparison of energy performance

Energy consumption
quantity of energy applied

Energy efficiency
Ratio or other quantitative relationship between an output of performance, service, goods or energy and an input of energy

Energy performance
Measurable results related to energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption

Energy performance indicator EnPI
Quantitative value or measure of energy performance as defined by the organization

Energy review
Determination of the organization’s energy performance based on data and other information, leading to identification of opportunities for improvement

Energy services
Activities and their results related to the provisions and / or use of energy

Energy target
Detailed and quantifiable energy performance requirement, applicable to the organization or parts thereof, that arises from the energy objective and that needs to be set and met in order to achieve the objective

Energy use
manner of kind of application of energy like ventilation, lighting, heating, cooling, transportation, processes, production lines

Significant energy use
energy use accounting for substantial energy consumption and/or offering considerable potential for energy performance improvement

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What are requirements of ISO 50001 Energy Management System

1) appointment of management representative by Top management

2) Preparation of Energy policy

3) Identification and ensuring compliance against legal requirements and other requirements pertaining to energy use

4) Conducting energy review of existing energy sources. This is most important and primary step of energy management system implementation. An energy review gives output for energy base line, objectives and targets and further operational controls. Energy review is evaluation of existing equipments, systems, facilities, processes for consumption of various types of energy. This also includes priortization of significant energy consumption and taking objectives to reduce same.

5) Creating energy base line based on past 1 year ( recommended period). This base line will be used as benchmark which shall be set beyond which objectives and targets shall be set for improvement

6) To fine energy performance indicators

7) To provide necessary trainings after doing competence analysis

8) Establishing necessary operational controls for control of energy consumption

9) Design of energy efficient facilities, equipments, infrastructure, systems and processes right from project stage ( when organization’s buidling starts getting constructed)

10) Procurement of energy efficient equipments, instruments and services such as transportation etc.

11) Monitoring and measurement of energy consumption, energy performance indicators, significant energy uses, variables related to significant energy uses,

12) Internal audit, management review, control of documents, control of records

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