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SEDEX Certification Consultants

Found in year 2004, Blue Sky is a leading SEDEX Certification consultants. We can provide SEDEX Certification consultancy services to organizations located in Gujarat & in India.

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What is SEDEX

  • SEDEX is Supplier Ethical Data Exchange Platform.
  • Suppliers can become member of SEDEX platform and share their data related to working conditions
  • On SEDEX platform, suppliers can upload their social audit reports as per SMETA Compliances
  • SMETA stands for SEDEX member ethical trade audit
  • SMETA audits are conducted in either 2 pillar or in 4 pillar
  • SMETA 2 pillar audit includes Labor standards and Health / Safety parameters
  • SMETA 4 pillar audit additionaly includes Environment & Governance part

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What are benefits of SEDEX certification

  • It enables responsible sourcing through factual audited evidences
  • Makes Supply chain transparent
  • Protecting people , environment & business by proactive Risk management
  • Improving Gender equality in the supply chain
  • Improves worker participation

What is cost or charges of SEDEX Certification

SEDEX Certification Cost includes following components

  • Annual SEDEX Platform cost ( This cost depends upon number of sites an organization has registerred on SEDEX portal )
  • SEDEX Auditing Agency Cost ( This cost depends upon agency selected by organization for SEDEX audit. Normally cost depends upon 2 pillar / 4 pillar audits, manpower of company & nature of business )
  • SEDEX Consulting agency cost ( This cost is applicable only if organization hires a consultant for SEDEX preparations )

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What are SEDEX requirements ? What is SEDEX Audit Check List

  1. Availability of all legal compliances related to company registration, factory acts, Fire safety, health & safety, Labor laws
  2. Compliance with Working hours regulation
  3. Complying with Minimum wage requirements
  4. Paying Wages as per statutory norms
  5. Employment contracts with clear terms & conditions
  6. Compliance with pollution control board norms
  7. Waste management
  8. Energy management
  9. Fire Fighting complinaces
  10. First aid training
  11. Company policies & code of conduct
  12. Training about laws and best practices to workers
  13. Worker representation and participation

What are SEDEX Audits ? How SEDEX Audits are conducted ?

  1. SEDEX audits can be done by Auditing agencies authorised by SEDEX.
  2. An organization willing to initiate SEDEX audit shall decide how many pillar audits it shall carry out. Normally it is specified by buyer.
  3. Organization shall create account on SEDEX portal and identify their ZC & ZS codes for SEDEX portal.
  4. Then from SEDEX platform, organization can initiate SEDEX audit by selecting auditing agency registerred on SEDEX plat form.
  5. in other way, organization can share their ZC & ZS code with auditing agency. In such case, Audit can be initiated by Auditing agency.
  6. Auditing agency plans audit date which can be announced / un announced based on buyer / supplier requirements.
  7. Auditing agency sends audit plan for SEDEX audit along with time lines and schedule of activities
  8. SEDEX audit includes facility round, document verification & worker interviews
  9. Auditor shares audit findings at the end of audit along with non conformities identified.
  10. After completion of audit, SEDEX auditing agency uploads audit report on SEDEX portal.
  11. Organization can upload corrective actions on SEDEX portal for closure of non conformities.
  12. Considering nature of Outcome, a follow up audit may be carried out by auditing agency in case organization wants to close Non conformity.
  13. If non conformity is of nature which can be closed by Desktop verification as per SEDEX guidelines then organization can upload corrective actions on SEDEX portal. Auditing agency can verify same on SEDEX platform and close Non conformities
  14. Organization can share its SEDEX audit report on SEDEX platform with customers.

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What is SEDEX Certification process ? How to get SEDEX Certified ?

  1. Decide which pillar SEDEX certification to be obtained – 2 pillar or 4 pillar
  2. Understand SEDEX audit requirements from SMETA supplier manual
  3. Do changes in current facility as per SMETA supplier manual guidelines / SMETA requirements
  4. Maintain documented evidences for Legal compliances
  5. Provide training to workers about SMETA guidelines and Ethical Trade Initiatives – ETI
  6. Do registration on SEDEX plat form and get ZC & ZS codes
  7. Decide certification agency / auditing agency
  8. Share ZC & ZS codes with SEDEX auditing agency
  9. Sign contract with SEDEX auditing agency
  10. Complete SEDEX audit with Auditing agency
  11. Close non conformities of SEDEX audit by uploading corrective actions on SEDEX platform
  12. Share SEDEX audit report with customers

Above process is subject to vary as per SEDEX guidelines.

Scope / Role of Blue Sky as SEDEX certification consultants

  1. Understanding Organizational business context
  2. Gap assessment against SEDEX / SMETA requirements
  3. Giving training to organization about necessary actions to be taken to fulfil Gaps
  4. Assisting in registration on SEDEX portal
  5. Coordination with Auditing agency for scheduling audit
  6. Assisting in closure of non conformities

Organizations looking for SEDEX Certification consultants, SEDEX Certification consultancy in Gujarat & in India may contact us. We can provide our SEDEX Certification consultancy services to organizations located at Ahmedabad Vadodara Surat Rajkot (Gujarat) , Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Gurugram, Noida, Delhi , Uttarakhand, Kanpur Lucknow ( Uttar Pradesh), Jaipur Udaipur Jodhpur (Rajasthan) ,Indore, Bhopal ( Madhya Pradesh) , Patna ( Bihar ), Kolkata ( West Bengal), Cuttack, Bhubaneswar (Odisha) , Vishakhapatnam, Vijaywada ( Andhra Pradesh  ), Chennai, Coimbatore (Tamilnadu) , Kochi ( Kerala ), Hyderabad ( Telangana ), Mumbai, Pune, Nasik ( Maharashtra ) & Bengaluru ( Karnataka )  ,  

If you are looking for SEDEX Certification & searching for SEDEX Certification consultants in Gujarat or in India, please call us on +91 98259 33625